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Calling Features

With calling features from CalTel, you can customize your phone service to meet your needs.

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Calling Features

Feature Name and Description: Monthly Charge: Activate Code: Deactivate Code:

Caller ID

Lets you see the number of who is calling before you answer the phone unless the number is blocked or unavailable. Must have Caller ID display unit. Includes Anonymous Call Rejection.


Anonymous Call Rejection W/O Caller ID

Reject calls from people who have chosen to keep their name and/or number private.
$2.47 *77 *87

Call Waiting

Use your telephone without missing other calls. A special tone alerts you to a waiting call. To answer the call and put the person you are talking to on hold, flash the hook switch.
$4.94 *70

Call Return

Allows you to place a call to the last person who called you.
$3.09 *69 *89

Distinctive Ring

Identify which number is ringing when you have two numbers ringing to the same line — great for FAX machines or for teen ring.

Three-Way Calling

Allows you to talk to two people, in two different places, at the same time without the help of an operator.

Selective Call Acceptance

Create a list of 10 numbers you wish to receive calls from. All other calls will receive an announcement that you are not accepting calls.
$3.70 *64 In menu

Call Block

(Also known as Selective Call Rejection. ) Block up to 10 selected numbers (even if you don't know the number) from calling. The caller will hear a short, polite message telling them that you are not receiving calls. All other calls are handled normally.
$3.70 *60 In menu

Speed Calling - 8 numbers

Call up to 8 frequently called numbers by dialing only 2 digits.
$2.47 *74 In menu

Speed Calling - 30 numbers

Call up to 30 frequently called numbers by dialing only 2 digits.
$4.32 *75

Priority Call

Create a list of up to 10 important numbers that can be recognized by a special ring tone. Also allows call waiting calls to have a distinctive tone to identify your priority calls.
$3.09 *61 In menu

Call Back

Automatically checks a busy number for you for up to 30 minutes and alerts you with a special ring when the line is free.
$3.09 *66 *86

Call Forwarding - Variable

Forward incoming calls to another number of your choice.
$3.70 *72 *73

Call Forwarding - Fixed

Forwards calls to a number prearranged.
$3.70 *72 *73

Call Forwarding - Delayed

(No answer call forward.) Forward incoming calls after 20 seconds of ringing.
$3.70 *58 *59

Call Forwarding - Busy

Forward incoming calls to another number when your phone is busy.
$3.70 *90 *91

Call Forwarding - Selective

Automatically forward up to 10 numbers you select to a number you choose.
$3.70 *63 In menu

Call Forwarding - Remote

Turn Call Forwarding on or off from any touchtone phone when you are away from home.
$1.23 Call for detailed instructions

Call Transfer

With a call on line, allows you to transfer the call to another party.
$2.47 Call for detailed instructions

Hunt Service (multiple lines)

Forwards call to another line if the main line is being used.

Selective Call Block

Block the display of your number on a per call basis. Dial *67, wait for the dial tone and then dial the number you want to call.
No Charge *67

Complete Call Block

Prevents your number from being sent to the person or business you are calling. To display your number on a call, dial *82, wait for the dial tone and dial the number you want to call.
No Charge *82

Monthly charges listed do not include taxes, surcharges or any optional services. Your telephone number can be seen by everyone you call unless you block it. CalTel provides free blocking services that give you the freedom to choose when, how and if your number will be shown to those you call. If you wish to change your blocking option, you may do so one time free of charge. After that, you will be charged a $9.00 service order fee.